A nunchuck powered ninja on the prowl to purge the streets of pestilence


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Nage The Ninjanator has vowed to be the ultimate exterminator! He's honed his ninja skills to rid the city of the ULTIMATE form of EVIL!! Bugs! Nage’s intense passion drags him into absurd adventures with his one, and only, coworker Bob.
Nage is not alone however. His high powered and extremely effective arch-nemesis, the Extermatron 4000, is hot on his trail. Sucking up his bugs and his business. 


The Goal of the Comic

I’m looking to spread good messages that will help people, while staying away from heavy content that tends to accompany it. The world of humor and silliness the comic lives in adds levity to the experience of these messages. 
If no message is received, never fear, the absurd story-lines are enough to keep the reader glued in their seat and the action packed panels will pull you through the pages.

the Creator of the Comic

The comic is authored an illustrated by Toronto based artist, Warren Sloper. He started with a career in animation, learning the ins and outs of storytelling, action and character. He wanted to begin telling his own stories so he migrated, with knowledge in hand, to the comic world and Nage The Ninjanator was born.
Warren will continue to let the creativity flow as long as the love for storytelling remains. »


I want to add a sense of silliness and levity to the world, while still maintaining a thread of morality and realism. The comic ultimately expresses deep motifs but they are masked by humor. This allows the ideas embedded in the comic to be palatable, and light, but powerful.

—Warren Sloper